UN Migration Agency Works with Thai Law Enforcement to Combat People Smuggling, Transnational Crime

UN Migration Agency Works with Thai Law Enforcement to Combat People Smuggling, Transnational Crime

06/02/2018 - IOM, the UN Migration Agency, the Royal Thai Police and Thailand’s Office of the Attorney General have organized an inter-agency cooperation training for law enforcement officers and prosecutors to help Thailand to combat transnational crime, including human smuggling and trafficking.

The training was part of a Canadian-funded IOM project: Strengthening Border Management and Intelligence Capacity of Thai Government Officials and was the third of three inter-agency cooperation trainings targeting a total of 89 immigration officers, inquiry officers and prosecutors from 16 provinces.

The latest workshop, which focused on improved data collection and information sharing using the Royal Thai Police-managed Case Management and Intelligence System (CMIS) database, brought together 34 provincial-level police investigators and prosecutors from Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son, Tak, Si Saket and Trat. 

“Inter-agency cooperation is fundamental to the successful prosecution of transnational organized crime cases. The participation of different law enforcement agencies enhances the overall investigation capacity of the Royal Thai Police and facilitates the building of networks that allow for enhanced cooperation,” said Police Maj. General Ittipol Ittisarnronnachai, Deputy Commissioner of the Thai Immigration Bureau.

“These trainings have raised awareness of the importance of cooperation and equipped officers with the skills needed to effectively collaborate on the identification, investigation and prosecution of cases of transnational crime,” said IOM programme manager Joshua Hart. “We look forward to continuing to work with the Thai Immigration Bureau, the Office of the Attorney-General and Thai law enforcement agencies in combating human smuggling and trafficking.”

For further information please contact IOM Thailand. Joshua Hart, Email:, Tel: +66 2 343 9341. Or Reuben Lim, Email:, Tel: +66 2 343 9370