Migration is at the heart of public narratives. With over 4 million migrant workers residing in Thailand, migration cuts across the country's social and economic fabric. Migrants contribute immensely to socioeconomic development in Thailand, which hosts nearly half of all migrant workers in South-East Asia. 

Despite this, migrants often tend to be the target of stigmatization, sometimes fueled by fear and prejudice, giving rise to misinformation and hate speech. Such an environment prevents migrants from being able to fully enjoy their rights and access services.

Through targeted media and community outreach, IOM works with the Royal Thai Government, migrants, journalists, youth, civil society and the academia to address stigma and discrimination toward migrants and foster accurate, balanced and evidence-based discourse on migration. IOM offers trainings, seminars and other knowledge-enhancing activities to promote more constructive dialogue that contribute to the protection and realization for all migrants’ rights.