Press Releases

  • IOM Report Urges Cohesion on ASEAN Labour Mobility

    16/09/2016 - ASEAN member states’ labour migration policy frameworks need improving in order to increase mobility of skilled labour as envisioned by the ASEAN Economic Community, a new IOM report has found.

    In Preparing for Increased Labour Mobility in ASEAN, the study comprehensively maps policy and rights frameworks among all ten ASEAN member states for facilitating skilled labour mobility, and provides a tool to assess each framework’s alignment with free movement principles.

  • IOM Study Highlights Poverty-Alleviating Effects of Migration in Lao PDR

    16/09/2016 - The migration of Laotian migrants to Thailand has significant potential to impact on socioeconomic development and poverty reduction in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, a new IOM study has found.

    Findings from the study: “Assessing Potential Changes in the Migration Pattern of Laotian Migrants and their Impacts on Thailand and Lao People’s Democratic Republic”, noted strong linkages between migration to Thailand and poverty reduction in Laotian households.

  • Thailand Funds Information Campaign to Address Irregular Migration in Bay of Bengal

    05/08/2016 - "Start smart, end with success" is the message of an information campaign that IOM has launched with Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of efforts to address irregular migration in the region, particularly in the Bay of Bengal.

    The Royal Thai government has donated USD 100,000 to IOM to enable it to carry out awareness-raising activities on safe migration in five countries: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand.