Press Releases

  • UN Migration Agency, Partners, Seek Poverty Reduction through Safer, More Skilled Labour Migration

    29/09/2017 - Up to 300,000 migrants, especially women from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar heading to or returning from Thailand, are set to benefit from safer migration, improved skills development and better job opportunities over the next four years through a regional programme launched today (29/9) in Bangkok by IOM, the UN Migration Agency.

  • Thailand Opens Stakeholder Dialogue on Global Migration Compact

    11/08/2017 - The Royal Thai Government, with support from the UN Migration Agency (IOM), today (11/8) opened the first of four stakeholder dialogues as part of a national consultation process to prepare for future negotiations on the Global Compact to Promote Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.

  • Thai Immigration Bureau Receives Advanced Equipment from UN Migration Agency to Enhance Passport Inspection Capabilities

    01/08/2017 - The Thai Immigration Bureau (TIB) on Monday (31/7) received five new Verifier Travel Document and Bearer (TD&B) workstations from IOM to strengthen Thailand’s border control and detect passport and identity fraud.

    The donation is part of the efforts by the UN Migration Agency and TIB to curb irregular migration and combat transnational organized crime as part of a project: “Strengthening Border Management and Intelligence Capacity of Thai Government Officials,” funded by the Government of Canada.

  • Op-ed: Human Trafficking - It's Closer Than You Think / การค้ามนุษย์ – ใกล้ตัวกว่าที่คุณคิด

    30/07/2017 - (ภาษาไทย กรุณาอ่านด้านล่าง) Today is World Day against Trafficking in Persons – a day where we give a voice to the many victims of trafficking who live among us, but have been forced into silence due to threats to their life, retaliation against their family, feelings of hopelessness, or being enslaved and physically unable to speak out.

  • UN Migration Agency Aids Undocumented Myanmar, Cambodian Migrants Leaving Thailand

    07/07/2017 - Irregular migrants in Thailand face an uncertain future after a Royal Decree imposed stiffer penalties on undocumented workers and the businesses that employ them. The decree – Royal Ordinance on the Management of Foreign Workers B.E. 2560 (2017) – was published by the Thai government on 23 June.

    The announcement prompted a surge in the number of undocumented migrants returning to Cambodia and Myanmar.

  • Joint Press Release on Canada Day 1 Exhibition

    20/06/2017 - Diversity as a source of strength underpins Canada’s approach to refugees, resettlement and immigration. To mark World Refugee Day and Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation, the Canada Day 1 Exhibition, which will run from June 20th until July 5th 2017, will be launched on June 20th at Central Library of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

  • IOM Organizes Cross-Border Training for Thai, Malaysian Immigration Officers

    05/06/2017 – IOM, in cooperation with the Thai Immigration Bureau, last week (25/4 – 27/4) organized a three-day workshop in the southern Thai city of Hat Yai to train 15 Thai and 11 Malaysian immigration officers on integrated border management.

    The training was designed to improve cooperation and information sharing between the two immigration services and covered themes of common interest, including transnational policing, behavioural assessment, security questioning and fraudulent document identification.

  • Australian Assistant Minister Visits Thai-Myanmar Border Refugee Camp

    28/04/2017 – Australian Assistant Minister for Social Services and Multicultural Affairs Zed Seselja yesterday (27/4) visited Mae La refugee camp on the Thai-Myanmar border, which hosts over 42,000 mainly Karen refugees from Myanmar.

    Seselja, who was accompanied by officials from the Australian Department of Social Services and the Australian Embassy toured the camp, visiting a vocational training school, a monastery and a library, and met with an Australia-bound refugee family in their home.

  • IOM, Partner Train Business Managers on Responsible Recruitment in Thailand

    21/03/2017 - Over half of the world’s 21 million victims of forced labour are found in the Asia-Pacific region. In Thailand, recent reports on labour exploitation in the Thai fishing and agriculture sectors have heightened public attention on the issues of forced labour and human trafficking. This has prompted multinational companies to re-examine their global supply chains and put in place measures to prevent abuse.

  • IOM to Launch Elderly Caregiving Training for Migrants in Thailand

    27/01/2017 - Thailand has one of the fastest ageing societies in the world. The United Nations estimates that between 2016 and 2040, the proportion of people aged 65 years and above is projected to increase from 7.5 million to 17 million – more than a quarter of the population. This demographic shift is to be accompanied by an 11 percent decline in working age population, the fastest contraction in the region.