With over 65 years of worldwide operational experience, IOM is uniquely positioned to build on its grassroots experience and provide guidance on migration policy. IOM provides information, advice and support to further the efforts of its stakeholders to develop effective national, regional and global migration management policies and strategies.

In Thailand, IOM regularly carries out and publishes research on migration issues together with its partners. Policy-oriented research and publications are sought after by stakeholders who want to better understand migration issues in order to improve their migration management; donors who want a better understanding of migration; and development partners who want to better understand the links between migration and a broad range of issues including human security, trafficking, poverty reduction, health and education.

Research has been undertaken on the situation of migrant workers in Thailand, identify gaps in policy frameworks and assist the Royal Thai Government in the design and delivery of evidence-based policy linking migration and development, with a particular focus on poverty reduction in countries of origin. IOM's research aims to bring the interests of each of these players together in order to improve and promote dialogue, as well as provide recommendations for continued collaborative work.

Publications produced by the IOM Mission in Thailand can be viewed and downloaded here. For all other IOM publications, please visit the IOM Publications website here.