15 Mar 2022

Identity Document Examination Procedures Training

  • Date
    11 Mar 2022, 11:00am
  • Location
    Eastin Hotel, Bangkok
  • Organizer

    International Organization for Migration (IOM)

On 11 March 2022, IOM completed its eleventh and last session for the Identity Document Examination Procedures Training at the Eastin Hotel in Bangkok. This training focused on learning to verify the security features of passports and other travel documents as well as identifying fraudulent and counterfeit documents using tools and specific interview techniques.

The trainers for this course, and the ten previous sessions, were the officials from the Thai Immigration Bureau (TIB) who were trained and certified by IOM Training of Trainers on advanced travel document examination procedures and interview techniques in November 2019. 

This training session was attended by 23 participants from the Ministry of Interior (MOI), comprising the Investigation and Legal Affairs Bureau, Internal Security Affairs Bureau, Bureau of Registration Administration and Foreign Affairs Division. The MOI officials’ mandate includes the investigation and crackdown of trafficking networks that regularly use fraudulent travel documents and imposters to enter Thailand. This marks the first time for IOM to conduct the Identity Document Examination Procedures for non-Royal Thai Police officials. 

From 2019 to date, through the funding of the Government of Canada, IOM has trained over 300 immigration and border officials, now including MOI officials, in travel document examination procedures. 

“This training is quite comprehensive. I am glad to have had a chance to learn with the immigration experts who have direct experiences detecting fraudulent passports and imposters,” said the participant from MOI’s Information Center.  Several participants also suggested the way forward for IOM and TIB is to continue expanding the beneficiaries of this training, specifically, MOI officials who work on migration management at border provinces.  

This activity is implemented under the IOM project “Strengthening the Border Management and Intelligence Capacity of Thai Government Officials – Phase IV,” funded by the Government of Canada.

For more information, please contact IOM Thailand Media team at mediathailand@iom.int or Mr. Edgar H. McConnell III at ehmcconnell@iom.int.


Identity Document Examination Procedures Training Identity Document Examination Procedures Training
Identity Document Examination Procedures Training Identity Document Examination Procedures Training