Emergencies cause a radical onset of social disequilibrium, which often displaces populations and requires an immediate response to save lives or limit suffering. To better improve IOM’s ability to respond to the migration consequences of crisis, IOM published its Migration Crisis Operational Framework (MCOF) in 2012. MCOF is a flexible tool that organizes IOM emergency response around two major pillars: phases of crisis and sectors of assistance. Under the first pillar – phases of crisis – IOM’s response is sub-divided into the “before, during, and after” stages.  The sectors of assistance pillar, meanwhile, contains 15 types of assistance, covering camp management and displacement tracking, shelter and non-food items, health support, and others.

In Thailand, IOM acts as the Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) lead agency in disaster preparedness, mitigation and response activities. Since the historic floods of 2011, IOM has fostered a good relationship with the Department of Disaster Prevention and Management (DDPM) of the Royal Thai Government, advocating for migrant rights to be addressed properly, and that migrants were not left out of the emergency response. 

As Thailand is a pilot country for the capacity building component of the Migrants in Countries in Crisis (MICIC) Initiative, IOM is has implemented trainings for government agencies like DDPM and key migrant representatives to address vulnerabilities of migrants caught in emergencies. In addition, this intervention aims at enhancing coordination between stakeholders within this sphere. A longer-term aim is to integrate migrant populations into disaster preparedness, response and recovery.

In addition, IOM Thailand provides humanitarian assistance to stranded migrants in post-crisis situation. Since 2013, over 3,000 Muslims from Myanmar State and special at-risk groups have benefitted from assistance provided by IOM Thailand. Activities are centred on improving the physical and mental wellbeing of stranded migrants temporarily detained in Thailand.