For over 40 years, IOM has been working in Thailand to promote welfare of migrants and assist those in vulnerable situations. 
A simple act of generosity can make a significant difference to their lives.
Every baht counts - even small donations can go a long way.
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 Health Insurance for Migrant Families 

Having health insurance reduces the risk of catastrophic out-of-pocket expenditure. For many migrant families in Thailand however, coverage for all family members, particularly children, remain out of reach. IOM supports such families by purchasing health insurance coverage for uninsured family members. The annual premium for
each migrant is 2700 THB (82 USD). For children aged 7 and below, it is only 365 THB (11 USD) per year.


 Malika's Story 

Malika from Myanmar lives on a palm oil plantation in Ban Hin Chang on the outskirts of Ranong with her mother and 3 younger brothers. Her mother is currently the sole breadwinner for the family of five and earns 3000 baht a month. As Malika has recently given birth, IOM helped purchase migrant health insurance for her newborn to reduce the vulnerabilities faced by the family. Malika hopes to return to work as a shopkeeper in the main market once she recovers fully.


 Education for Migrant Children 

While school fees remain affordable for migrants, costs associated with education such as registration, uniforms, stationary, textbooks and transportation can quickly add
up. For a child attending a Thai public school, it can be as much as 7000 THB (210 USD) per academic year. For a child attending a migrant learning centre,
the amount is 5000 THB (150 USD) per academic year. IOM supports migrant children from financially disadvantaged families with uniforms, school materials
and transportation arrangements which costs as little as 400 THB (12 USD) per month per child.  


 Ohmar's Story 

Bright-eyed Ohmar Moe, 11, is the only child in his family that attends a Thai government school in Mae Sot. His parents are migrants from Myanmar who came to Thailand over a decade ago and scavange for a living. To help disadvantaged families have better access to education, IOM helped Ohmar Moe enroll into a Thai government school and provides assistance with miscellaneous fees such as school uniforms and study materials. Ohmar aspires to be a policeman one day.  


 Humanitarian Assistance for Migrants in Detention 

IOM works to support migrants in detention and improve their living conditions. We conduct regular medical examinations and provide follow-up treatment to those in need. Psychosocial support in the form of recreational and educational activities as well as counselling sessions are also provided. In addition, a wide range of non-food items encompassing cleaning supplies, mosquito repellent, sanitary napkins, hygiene, kits mats, fans and clothing are distributed monthly to improve general wellbeing.


 Support for Vulnerable Women 

IOM works to preserve the dignity of populations vulnerable to gender-based violence and assists them with recovery.
We support victims by covering the cost of medical treatment, psychological support, food, clothes, and transportation for children to attend school.


 Support for Victims of Trafficking 

IOM helps survivors recover and rebuild their lives. We offer direct assistance to victims of trafficking in collaboration with our partners. This includes both medical and psychosocial support, food and non-food items and emergency support. We also provide skills development and vocational training, and the options of voluntary,
safe and dignified return to countries of origin.