For migrants who are unable or unwilling to remain in host countries and wish to return voluntarily to their countries of origin but lack the means to do so, IOM has been implementing Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) programmes since 2013. This includes administrative, logistical and financial support for these migrants and reintegration measures at the individual or community level. In particular, IOM emphasizes that voluntariness remains a precondition for all its AVRR activities.

IOM's AVRR programme is divided into three stages.

  • Pre-departure assistance: Counselling and return-related information dissemination on the country of origin; medical assistance (e.g. medical examinations and documentation); transport assistance arrangement, including travel documentation; and specialized assistance and referral services for vulnerable individuals.

  • Travel assistance: Departure (including travel and miscellaneous allowances); transport (movement coordination, transit assistance, escort assistance based on individual needs and circumstances); and medical assistance.

  • Post-arrival assistance: Reception; inland transport; health-related support; reintegration assistance (often in cooperation with local entities and non-governmental organizations); and monitoring, where feasible.